Application History

PoliElastic 9100 - PETROBRÁS - P-63

PoliElastic 9100 was applied to the PETROBRAS P-63 unit to protect offshore equipment against corrosive action. Service rendered in 2019.

PoliCeramica 1000 e PoliCoating 8020 – FLOWSERVE

Internally protect 3 sections of seawater collection pipes against the action of abrasive and anticorrosive agents during their offshore operation, using the epoxy putty PoliCeramica 1000 and the PoliCoating 8020 coating.

PoliElastic 9100 – PETROBRAS PGP-1 - Garoupa

PoliElastic 9100 was applied at the PETROBRAS PGP-1 Garoupa unit to protect offshore equipment against corrosive action. Service rendered in 2019.

Reforma do Globo – Edifício Mourisco

Service performed by SSB Projects to replace loose metal parts, structural reinforcement, and industrial painting of the entire structure of the metallic sculpture in the shape of a globe by Ed. Mourisco, located in Rio de Janeiro.

PoliElastic 9100 – Coca Cola

Application of the PoliElastic 9100 in the surface treatment and industrial painting service of the chilled water plant (CAG), of the Ecogen unit located within the Coca Cola industrial plant - RJ.

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